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Welcome to my sacred space, which in return, becomes yours as well. 


My Story

Welcome! I am Alex. I grew up in  Southern California. I realized I was intrigued by the female anatomy while in high school. I had lost that excitement while in college, and after having my children, I felt lost, as if my only identity was "mom". I dove into the birth world and found the spark again. In 2018, I became a certified Birth Doula. As I was attending births, other aspects of motherhood became captivating and I wanted to learn more. I slowly transitioned into placenta encapsulating which I  found therapeutic. After a few years of focusing solely on encapsulating placentas, I became a certified lactation consultant. Although I enjoy both, I knew I wanted to be part of something bigger- to create more of a support group for new mothers, so I created this community. I want to be able to create a safe space, for the birthing person because often enough, motherhood becomes a lonely journey. Having guidance, education and support from our community- even if its online, can create a happier and more secure mother. We sometimes lose sense of who we are and we do not realize it until much later. I want to create a space for positivity and nourisment for the soul during this transition. I want to help you flourish to be the best version of you.​





Breastfeeding Consultant

Placenta Encapsulation


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