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Different services offered to provide the care and community designed specifically to your needs.


Postpartum 1-on-1

A one-on-one session allows intimacy between you and myself. We create a friendship type of bond that allows me to help you find your way in motherhood; feel confident and educated but also decipher through the obstacles that new mothers encounter. This option allows more flexibility when booking more sessions; there is no set time or structure to it, as we navigate through it at your own pace, and as frequently as you'd prefer. 

Image by Omar Lopez

Community Building Group Session

Group sessions are our newest addition. This provides story sharing between mothers. The groups are designed for mothers within the first year postpartum. This allows new mothers to find community with each other. Typically,  in the world we live in today, its very hard to have our mother, or close relatives to help us through the postpartum journey, and having that community feel allows us to bond but also thrive in an online group. 


Lactation Consulting

During this service, I am dedicated to helping mothers along with their babies to ensure a safe, educational-based lactation plan. I assist in troubleshooting any obstacles that may occur during your breastfeeding/chest-feeding  journey. I will provide evidence and educate you while finding  solutions to any problem that may surface along the way. My goal is for you to feel comfort and supported.  

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